Sidekicks (Age 4-5)

Tuesdays & Thursdays

    10:30am - 11:00am

We Are Located at:

1/152 New Street


Sidekicks is an incredible karate program for ages 4&5.

Sidekicks Karate is a special martial arts based motor program designed for Pre-primary School children. The techniques of karate are simplified into fun drills that our students love. Lessons are highly structured. The pace of each class is also appropriate for pre-school aged children.

Everything taught in sidekicks focuses on six core values:

  • Memory

  • Respect

  • Fitness

  • Good Manners

  • Confidence

  • Focus

Sidekicks students have the opportunity to grade regularly so that your child feels a sense of achievement. We find that spacing out our martial arts program with small, achievable goals helps to keep your child motivated and enthusiastic.

Unsu Kai Karate is a safe and valuable resource for parents. We run Sidekicks classes that develop children into confident, active and body-aware students; the perfect primer to transfer to full martial arts training.

Sidekicks classes are run by a qualified primary school teacher with a decade of experience teaching in the early years.