Could Confidence be the Key to Your Child's Future?





Confidence is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child.

Martial Arts Training is proven to boost self-esteem, focus and attitude.

Together, we can transform your child into an empowered and respectful superstar! 

  • Our program will increase your child's confidence, focus and discipline. 

  • Kids love our program because it's structured, challenging and fun. 

  • Confident Children Are Tough Targets for Bullies! 

Centre for Karate Excellence is a safe and valuable resource for parents. 

 We are one of the country's most elite and exclusive martial arts clubs. Our classes

are expertly structured to cater specifically to the needs of kids. We run 60 minute

classes that develop children into confident, quality athletes from the very beginning.

Want a hard target for bullies? Then let's build a child who believes in themselves.  

At the Centre for Karate Excellence, children will learn punching, blocking, kicking and even control techniques. But violence isn't going to stop bullies. That's not what we teach.


Children vulnerable to bullying are usually shy, insecure, anxious and withdrawn. The benefit of karate training lies in how strong and empowered your child will feel after each session. Karate shows your child just how awesome they really are! That confidence makes it tough to pick on your kid. 


Another great benefit to martial arts training is improved focus. Let our classes be the secret weapon in helping your child's school grades.


Martial Arts is proven to boost performance in other sports. Given that the Centre for Karate Excellence is one of the best competitive martial arts schools in the country, there's no limit to what your child can achieve!