Here's what people are saying about Unsu Kai Karate

"Kayne M. Dewhurst brings traditional karate techniques to a modern setting – with purpose. Sensei Kayne has taught me totrain harder and smarter, and as a result, my techniques are stronger and more effective.Thanks to Unsu Kai Karate, I won four national titles last year."  - Genevieve W.

"Sensei Kayne teaches an awesome karate class! Content is nicely balanced between theoretical and practical application of techniques - with a focus on building strength, endurance and technical excellence. His deep knowledge and passion for karate shows in both the kids and adult classes, creating a focussed yet friendly environment. I've immensely enjoyed my 2 years of training at Unsu Kai… I highly recommend the club for people of all ages regardless of current skill level - your body will thank you! Give it a go!" - Mike Z.

"Kids and parents love Sensai Kayne's contemporary approach to Karate. The classes are fun, fast and different every week. The balance and precision my kids developed has helped them in so many other aspects of their life. I was so impressed by their progress that I joined the adults class and am training more efficiently than I ever have. Thanks Unsu Kai!" - Suzanne T.

"My children Anita and Daniel joined Unsu Kai Karate Dojo in 2009. As a parent I was keen for them to learn self defence and I had seen an advertisement from Sensei Kayne about his children's karate class.


My children now love going to Karate. I stay and watch and have observed that under the expert guidence of Sensei Kayne and Sempai Chris my children have grown in fitness, skill and self-confidence, training hard but in an encouraging and fun learning environment. My niece and nephew have also recently joined the children's class and  I would have no hesitation in recommending the classes of Sensei Kayne to other children." - Dr. Salvy Russo


"When looking for karate instruction for my two children I was looking for a teacher with dedication, an ability to transfer valuable knowledge and a method that was both encouraging and fun at the same time. Sensei Kayne and his teachers at Unsu Kai Karate have delivered all this and so much more. His commitment to his students is excellent and each class my kids feel a new sense of achievement and confidence in either building on their karate skills or being taught a brand new technique. I was so impressed with the delivery of the teaching I joined the adult classes and my children are delighted that through Unsu Kai Karate we can share our passion as a family." - Peter W.

"My 8 year old son has attended First Class Karate since mid-2009. During this time he has learned valuable self-defence and social skills and formed new friendships under the expert instruction of Sensei Kayne Dewhurst. Classes are fun, informative and structured to meet the needs of each student. I thoroughly recommend First Class Karate to people of any age who are interested in learning karate." - Elissa M.

"We have been with Unsu Kai Karate for a number of years now and both my children enjoy the balance between learning proper well taught technique and having a fun enjoyable training session. The progression to grading is perfectly balanced to keep the children engaged and eager to learn. Very happy to recommend as a great activity for kids of all ages." - Darren F.